[How to treat psychological impotence]

[How to treat psychological impotence]

Impotence is often mentioned in our lives, mainly because in reality, more and more people cause symptoms of impotence.

There are many reasons for Yang Weidong’s forehead, and there are several types of impotence, and psychological impotence is one of the more common.

So, for psychological impotence patients, what methods should be adopted for treatment?

This question is very important for many male friends.

Psychological impotence is a type of impotence. When it comes to psychological impotence, as the name implies, it refers to impotence caused by psychological reasons.

Such psychological impotence patients are still common in everyone’s real life.

Although there are many ways to treat impotence, psychological impotence is different from general impotence, so the treatment of psychological impotence is also different.

Then, let’s talk about the treatment of psychological impotence.

Psychological impotence is caused by psychological factors, accounting for more than half of impotence.

Aiming at the problem of how to treat psychological impotence, in fact, it is possible to eliminate some bad mental factors, actively correct mental treatment, and strengthen the education of sexual knowledge, strengthen physical exercise and improve the level of physical health, and impotence will heal itself.

Psychotherapy is also called psychological curative effect. Generally speaking, doctors and patients talk to each other so that patients can correctly understand their own diseases and build confidence to overcome them.

Attention should be paid to these points during treatment: First, the patient’s sexual anxiety should be relieved, because most impotence patients have a fear of sexual intercourse.

Because of impotence, they are anxious to improve the ability of sexual cross-linking, resulting in sexual concerns.

Relieving sexual anxiety is best explained to both men and women: when sexual problems occur, men and women do not blame each other, and when there is sexual difficulty, the spouse also has a certain relationship.

Although there are many causes of impotence, it does not affect the treatment. Sexual behavior is a behavior involving both men and women. Sexual activity refers to a single sexual intercourse. If sexual intercourse is not satisfied again, if the emotional exchange is strengthened, other relationships can also benefit.

Without verification and language explanation at all, to clarify the sexual anxiety faced by male impotence to women, through the emotional exchange between the two parties, it is possible to overcome male sexual fear, which is conducive to reducing sexual stress.

During this time, sexual activity should be suppressed, and men’s sexual anxiety should be gradually relieved.

You can explain the sexy concentration method to both spouses. During sexual activity, focus on the physical sense without sexual intercourse. When touching the genitals or breasts, don’t consider too much other things outside the body, not too much personality.Don’t think too much about the purpose of sexual behavior, and focus completely on your physical sensations, and this method must be repeated many times until the psychological impotence is cured.

Therefore, after careful reading of the above article, I believe that everyone should now have a certain understanding of psychological impotence.

And usually at the same time, everyone also knows about the treatment of psychological impotence.

In fact, for patients with psychological impotence, the most important thing is to open the knot, and other aspects are similar to ordinary people.

[How to eat Changbai Mountain ginseng]_How to make_How to make

[How to eat Changbai Mountain ginseng]_How to make_How to make

The geographical environment of the Changbai Mountain area there is very special, and the Changbai Mountain area may be covered by heavy snow all year round, so it created his severe cold environment, and it was this severe cold environment that produced a kind of Changbai Mountain ginseng. Changbai Mountain ginseng isA very precious tonic, this important nutritional value is very rich, so what is the consumption method of Changbai Mountain ginseng?

Many people do n’t know much about the efficacy and function of ginseng and how to eat it. Moreover, such ingredients must be eaten in moderation and not eaten too much, otherwise it will cause a certain burden on the body.

The efficacy of ginseng: Da Bu vitality, Gutu Shengjin, soothe the nerves.

Treatment of injuries and injuries, lack of food, burnout, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, asthma, wheezing, spontaneous sweating, panic, amnesia, dizziness, headache, impotence, frequent urination, thirst, women’s collapse, children’s slow shock, And long gone, all evidence of insufficient blood and fluid.

The role of ginseng1. Regulate the central nervous system. Ginseng can regulate the central nervous system, improve the process of brain excitement and inhibition, and make it tend to balance. It can improve the ability of mental and physical labor, improve work efficiency, and have anti-fatigue effect.

2. Promoting the use of energy substances in the brain can improve the ability of learning and memory. Ginsenosides, which are active ingredients in ginseng that enhance learning and memory, of which ginsenosides Rb1 and Rg1 have a good effect on learning and memory functions.

Ginseng root saponins can promote the learning and memory process of normal rats, while ginseng stem and leaf saponins can significantly improve the memory impairment in rats caused by electrical shock.

Both of them significantly increased the monoamine transmitter content in different brain regions of normal rats.

These research works have certain reference value for the rational application of ginseng plant resources.

3. Improving cardiac function Ginseng can increase myocardial contractility, slow heart rate, increase cardiac output and coronary blood flow, and can prevent myocardial ischemia and arrhythmias.

It has certain effects on heart function, cardiovascular and blood flow.

Ginseng has obvious anti-hypoxia effect, and its preparation can effectively fight sinus arrhythmia.

Ginsenosides can accelerate lipid metabolism and significantly reduce high cholesterol.

Low-dose ginseng induced a slight increase in blood pressure in anesthetized animals, while large-dose decreased blood pressure.

Different ginseng preparations can enhance the functions of isolated toad hearts and in vivo rabbit, cat, and dog hearts, thereby improving myocardial weakness during ventricular fibrillation.

4, hypoglycemic effect Ginseng contains ginsenosides and ginseng polysaccharides.

In particular, ginsenoside Rb2 has a significant hypoglycemic effect. Conversion to ginseng double (or glycopeptides) is another type of hypoglycemic effect in ginseng.

How to eat ginseng: First, slice wild ginseng into thin slices and chew it slowly in the mouth. You can also soak the ginseng slices with honey or rock sugar water and take it the next day. Adults can take 1 gram of dried ginseng and 3?
4 grams, halved for children, eat like chewing sugar before breakfast and dinner.

Second, cut wild ginseng into thin slices and put it in a cup of boiling water to drink. For adults, one gram of dried ginseng per day and fresh ginseng 3?
4 grams, halved for children, just like drinking tea. After a few days, chew the ginseng in the cup slowly.

Third, the wild ginseng is powdered, mixed with honey or rock sugar water to form a paste, and taken the next day, 1 g daily for adults, halved for children, taken before breakfast and dinner.

Fourth, wild ginseng (fresh) about 30 grams, plus wild ganoderma (dried) 50 grams, white wine 2?
3 minutes (50 ° C to 60 ° C) for 50?
Start taking for 60 days (the longer the better), taking daily in the morning and evening, 15?
20 grams.

Five, ginseng stewed chicken.

Wild ginseng (fresh) about 30 grams, add about 30 grams of sweet potato (dried), put the ginseng and astragalus in the chicken belly, seal the chicken in a porcelain pot, and cook it slowly in waterAfter the chicken is deboned, eat it every morning and evening, and finish it in about 7 days.

Six, ginseng rice chicken.

Wild ginseng (fresh) about 30 grams, add astragalus (dry) about 30 grams, increase jujube 6?
10, Jiangmi 100?
150 grams, put ginseng, astragalus and jujube in the chicken belly, put the chicken in a porcelain pot, seal it, and cook it slowly in water. After the chicken is deboned, eat it every morning and evening, and finish it in 7 days.
Through the above detailed description, I also have some understanding of the efficacy and function of ginseng and how to eat it. When choosing such ingredients, we must also pay attention.Nourishing the body will have a very good effect, and at the same time, it is very helpful to enhance your physique.

[Transient of a twist]_Energy_Nutrition Value

[Transient of a twist]_Energy_Nutrition Value

Twist is a traditional snack. The shape of Twist looks particularly like a weak boy, but it tastes more crispy and is very popular with everyone. Everyone knows that Twist is fried, and I am worried that the amount of Twist is very large.I am afraid that eating too much twist will cause you to gain weight. In fact, generally, the conversion of one twist is about 21 punches. If you need to consume it, you usually need to take a walk for nearly 15 minutes to consume it.

Twist can lose weight Twist can not lose weight Twist is a characteristic health food in China. At present, the main production areas are in Chongyang County and Tianjin, Hubei Province. Chongyang, Hubei is famous for small twists, and Tianjin is famous for producing cannabis flowers.

Twist twist two or three strands of noodles together and fry them.

Twist golden eye-catching, sweet and crisp, sweet but not greasy, fresh taste, fragrant teeth; delicious and not greasy, eat more and not get angry: protein, amino acids, multivitamins and trace elements.

The small twist flowers are moderate and low in concentration, which can not only taste casually, but also can be accompanied by wine and tea. It is an ideal snack food.

Twist practice material 200g of ordinary flour.

1 egg.

Baking soda powder

5 grams.

20 grams of sugar.

2 grams of salt.

50 grams of water Method 1, add all the ingredients to the bowl and knead evenly to form a smooth dough, cover with a bowl and relax for 30 minutes.

2. Roll into noodles and cut into thin noodles, knead the noodles.

Rub it in the opposite direction.

Fold it in half with your fingers and wrap it tightly around the noodles.

The flowers are folded in half to form four twists. The head is stuffed into the loop and squeezed tightly, and the twists are ready.

3. Put one of the 70% hot oil into the pan.

Immediately the color rises to yellow, at this time you can add in large quantities to fry until golden and remove.

Twist is a specialty fried pasta snack in China.

The origin is unknown.

It is mainly produced in Xianyang, Shaanxi, Sheshan, Shanxi, Chongyang, Hubei, Tianjin, and Hunan.

Among them, Laoshan in Shanxi is famous for salty sesame butter, Chongyang in Hubei is famous for small twist and Tianjin is famous for hemp flower.

In addition, there are twists in Tianjin Eighteenth Street, twists in Ruyang County, Henan, twists in powder in Jiangsu Province, twists in Ningping in Henan, and twists in Zhao’s in Xinhua, Hunan.

It is made by frying two or three strands of noodles together.

Twist edible processing method 1, put the flour in a pot, pour 400g of oil, put 40g of oil, 5g of salt, rub the flour and oil by hand (more oil is difficult to operate later), knead and add water to knead the dough(The dough must not be too hard.) Cover with a damp cloth for 20 minutes.

2. Take out the dough and knead it again, knead it into long strips and cut out small ingredients, cover with a damp cloth and simmer for another 10 minutes.

3, after rubbing, rub evenly into the upper and lower bars, rub the two ends in different directions, and squeeze the two ends together.

4. Repeat again, artificial hemp peanut blank.

5, in order to make all the small agents in turn, into hemp peanut blank.

6, put a lot of oil in the pot and burn to 20% of the heat, and then put in the hemp peanut blank (20% of the hot oil temperature does not change much, put the top of the pan slightly feels a little hot).

[Does the egg grow taller?

】 _Increase_height

[Does the egg grow taller?
】 _Increase_height

In modern society, because people’s aesthetic concepts are constantly changing, their thinking will also change at this time.

For example, in terms of height, both men and women want their height to be higher. Men who look taller look like handsome men, while women who grow taller have long legs and are very charming.

So, can you grow taller by eating more eggs in daily life?

Eating eggs will grow taller.

Benefits of eating eggs1.

Eggs are rich in protein, trace amounts, vitamins and iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals needed by the human body. Protein is high-quality protein, which can repair liver tissue damage; 2.

Obvious DHA and lecithin, yolk, are beneficial to the development of the nervous system and the body, can strengthen the brain and improve the memory, and promote liver cell regeneration; 3.

Eggs contain vitamin B and other trace elements of cholesterol, which can decompose and oxidize carcinogens in the human body and have anti-cancer effects.

Notes on eating eggsEach person can eat 1 per day?
Two eggs are appropriate, as this will not only help digestion and absorption, but also meet the needs of the body.

Eggs are ideal natural food for human beings, and science should be paid attention to in how to eat them.

For the elderly, boiled, lying, steaming, and dumping are better for eating eggs, because fried, fried, and fried are delicious, but difficult to digest.

For example, after processing an egg into a salted egg, its calcium content will increase significantly, for example, 55 millimeters per 100 grams will increase to 512 milligrams, which is about 10 times that of fresh eggs. It is especially suitable for osteoporosis in the elderly.

It should also be reminded that do n’t eat raw eggs. Some people think that eating raw eggs is good for nutrition. This view is unscientific.

Black soybeans are recommended as high-protein foods. The highest protein content is black soybeans, and the conversion of black soybeans is low, so eating more is not afraid of getting fat.

It can be cooked with rice or ground into black soybean milk.

If your child hates black soybeans, you can eat peanuts.

Sardines can contain protein and calcium.

The calcium in sardines is easier to digest and absorb than the plant-based calcium contained in other seaweeds, which is very helpful for children’s growth.

In addition, anchovies, anchovies, courgettes, and other seafood with bones and meat are good food.

Eggs Generally children do not resist eggs, especially protein-rich egg whites (proteins).

Eggs are high-protein foods, and they are the best foods for a growing child.

Although egg yolk has high cholesterol, as long as the number of eggs eaten per day is not a problem.

Eat 1-2 eggs a day.

Milk wants children to grow taller, and milk is non-exchangeable food.

Because milk contains calcium, a nutrient that promotes bone growth.

Drink 3 cups of milk a day to absorb the calcium necessary for growth.

However, some children do not like the milky smell in milk. If the children in the family do not like milk, let him and yogurt, and cheese.

Spinach Spinach has latent iron and calcium. Children who are growing need iron and calcium, so they can eat more spinach.

However, many children are very resistant to spinach, and the spinach is carefully tailored to the taste of adults, and children often do not like it.

So you can chop the spinach and mix it into the rice balls.

[Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Eggs]_Aggravated_Danger

[Benefits and Disadvantages of Eating Eggs]_Aggravated_Danger

Eggs are rich in protein and plasma, and egg proteins are more likely to be absorbed by the body than other poultry.

All eggs are a good choice for many people to supplement their nutrients. Eating one egg a day can provide everyone with the cholesterol they need for a day.

The nutritional value of eggs is very good for the human body, but no matter what is too extreme, eating eggs is no exception, and eating too much is also very bad.

Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of eating eggs.

First, the benefits: 1, eggs help lose weight.

Studies have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast are more likely to lose weight than those who eat bread.

2. Eggs are an excellent source of protein.

Egg protein contains all the essential amino acids of the human body and is the most comprehensive protein.

3. Eggs are cost-effective.

Compared with other protein and protein ingredients, some bacon and beef, even if the eggs are not cheap, are more cost-effective.

4. An egg will not raise your plasma.

Eggs do have a certain amount of cholesterol, but there are also ingredients in eggs that help lower cholesterol.

As long as the number of eggs eaten is controlled to one a day, it will not increase the risk of hypertension.

5. Eggs are good for brain development and memory.

The rich choline component in egg yolk can promote brain development and benefit brain function.

At the same time, choline is helpful for improving memory and responsiveness.

6. Eggs protect eyesight.

Two antioxidants in egg yolk, lutein and zeaxanthin, help protect the eyes from UV rays.

They also help reduce the risk of cataract in the elderly.

Second, the disadvantages: The high cholesterol in egg yolk does not mean that replacing the egg yolk will make human plasma high.

Egg yolk is completely cholesterol-containing cholesterol, and it is also rich in lecithin. The residue can emulsify plasma and fat into very fine particles that can penetrate the vascular wall and directly for tissue use. Therefore, the consumption of egg yolk generally does not increase blood plasma.concentration.

[Effect of taking emergency contraceptives]_ emergency contraceptives _ how to eat _ how to eat _ precautions

[Effect of taking emergency contraceptives]_ emergency contraceptives _ how to eat _ how to eat _ precautions

Without any protective measures, women may become pregnant after sharing the same room, so if you do not want a child, you must pay attention to taking measures in a timely manner to take consensus. Among the many contraceptive measures, the most common is to take emergency evidenceMedicine for contraception, but some people may still get pregnant after taking the emergency contraceptive, which is caused by taking the medicine inappropriately.

So, how do you eat better synergistic contraceptive effect?

Emergency contraceptives refer to contraceptive methods used to prevent pregnancy in the life of unprotected sex or after the failure of contraception. Medical contraception is the most commonly used method.

Women taking emergency contraceptives are effective within 72 hours of intercourse. If they have sex during the medication, the time must be recalculated.

After excluding pregnancy, healthy women of childbearing age should be applied within 72-120 hours after sex. The sooner the effect is better, the failure rate will increase after 72 hours.

A class of drugs commonly used in emergency contraceptives is unilateral progestin, which is made up of levonorgestrel, which replaces over-the-counter drugs.

Kinds of medicines are represented by Xinsinuo dripping pills and Yuting.

Neosnow drip pills contain levonorgestrel 0 per tablet.

75 mg, within 72 hours of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure, take 2 capsules orally once; or take 1 capsule for the first time, taking the second capsule every 12 hours.

The sooner you take the medicine, the better the effect of preventing pregnancy.

No fasting before and after taking.

Another type of emergency contraceptives is antiprogestin, the most commonly used is post-dinoxide. The conversion is also Smian tablets, Biyun capsules, Huadian tablets, etc., the active ingredient mifepristone, alternative prescription drugs.

There are also 25 mm specifications.

This medicine only needs to take one tablet, fasting for 2 hours before and after taking the medicine, the chance of pregnancy can be reduced to 1 after taking the medicine.

4%, few side effects, and large random.

One has menstrual changes.

If vomiting occurs within two hours after taking the medicine, if the medicine is vomited, the same dose of medicine should be replenished once.

Of course, taking an emergency contraceptive contraceptive after the same room is only a last resort, because drugs are always used for contraception, and it is recognized that women’s bodies cause great harm, and serious women may also cause infertility.

The best contraception is to put a condom on a man or put a contraceptive ring in a woman’s womb. It is safer and there is no substitute.

[What happens if you eat too many bananas]_ Overdose _ Harm

[What happens if you eat too many bananas]_ Overdose _ Harm

Bananas mainly live in tropical regions. Generally, there are many varieties of bananas grown in Hainan. We will find that bananas sold in supermarkets are different in size, different in length, different in color, and different in price. Many people thinkBananas are very delicious and can increase satiety, so they will eat a lot of bananas, but bananas cannot be eaten too much, and proper eating is the best.

Musaceae Musaae, also referred to as its fruit, is widely cultivated and eaten in tropical regions.

Bananas are fragrant and nutritious and can be harvested all year round. They are also valued in temperate regions.

The plant is a large herb that emerges from the rhizome and forms a high 3? From the lower part of the leaf sheath.
6 meters (10?
20 feet) false stem; leaves oblong to oval, some as long as 3?

5 meters (10?

5 feet), 65 cm (26 inches) wide, 10?
20 tufts clustered.

The spikes are large, drawn from the top of the pseudorod, the flowers are mostly yellowish; the inflorescences are drooping, and the result is 10?
20 strings, about 50?

After the plants have died, the sucker roots from rhizomes continue to multiply, and each plant can live for many years.

How well do bananas eat? Bananas contain a lot of cellulose and iron, which have a laxative effect.

Parturients prefer bed rest, poor peristalsis and constipation.

Coupled with postpartum blood loss, blood is needed, and iron is one of the main raw materials for hematopoietic, so eating more bananas can prevent postpartum constipation and postpartum anemia.

It should not be eaten on an empty stomach. After eating a lot of bananas on an empty stomach, it will combine with gastric hydrochloride to form a substance that is not good for digestion. The content of potassium and magnesium in bananas is higher.Inhibition of blood vessels.

People with chills and frail stomachs are not suitable for eating bananas.

Because bananas digest slowly in the stomach and intestines, they are not good for the gallbladder.

Banana is a starchy fruit. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, bananas are sweet and cold, which can clear the heat and moisten the intestines and promote gastrointestinal motility. However, those with spleen deficiency should avoid eating them.

Bananas, people with stomach ulcers cannot eat too much.

Bananas are very high in sodium. The retention of sodium in the body can cause edema. If the stomach and kidneys are not good, you should not eat more.

Treatment of gastric ulcer: eat a banana before meals, once a day, continue to eat, there will be good results.

Onset of arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia: use brewed tea, mix smashed banana puree, add sugar, put in a cup after meals three times a day, must be consumed often.

Digestive tract cancer: Consume one to four bananas a day as an adjuvant therapy with drugs.

Onset of hypertension: Eat one or two bananas after each meal and continue to consume them for a long time.

Improve the dryness of hands and feet: After washing and washing every night, apply some dried banana mud to the palms and soles of your feet, and massage for a while, and continue to apply for several days.

Life comes from carefulness. As long as it is careful enough, the world will no longer be chaotic.

Precautions Banana is a cold fruit, which consumes too much stomach function to cause damage, especially for those who are physically cold.

For example, bananas are rich in potassium salts, but if people with nephritis consume too much, they will make the disease worse.

The taboos of eating bananas have been spread by the people: “Bone injuries, do n’t eat bananas, do n’t eat colds.” From a theoretical point of view, it really has its basis. I hope everyone can pay more attention.

Bananas are cold, and those with weak constitution are advised not to eat bananas.

[Bao Cai fried meat]_How to make_How to make

[Bao Cai fried meat]_How to make_How to make

Cabbage fried meat is actually a very common part. It does not require too many complicated processes and the ingredients are relatively simple. As long as all the ingredients are added to the pot and stir-fried, it can be made, or it is very simple.This method will not consume yourself too much time. If you are more spicy, you can add some dried peppers to each other to improve the flavor.

Cabbage fried meat is a home-cooked dish. The main ingredients are cabbage, lean meat, etc. The seasonings include oil, salt, and chicken essence.

The dish is mainly made by pouring ingredients into a pan and frying.

Hand tear cabbage is one of the most famous Hunan dishes. The method and selection of ingredients are simple. It is to tear the cabbage into pieces to keep its original flavor and then stir-fry it with dried red pepper and pepper.
Ingredients: cabbage (1, 630 g), dried chili (15), pepper (1 tbsp), minced garlic (1 tbsp), parsley (1 plant) oil (3 tbsp), chicken powder (1/2 tbsp), Soy sauce (1 tablespoon), salt (1/5 tablespoons), production process 1, wash the cabbage, remove the old leaves, and tear into slices.

2. Cut the dried chilli into cubes and chop the garlic.

3. Heat 3 tablespoons of oil, add minced garlic, dried peppers and peppercorns, and fry over low heat until the aroma overflows.

4. Pour the cabbage and stir fry until the leaves are soft and slightly translucent.

5. Add 1/2 tablespoon of chicken powder, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and 1/5 tablespoon of salt and stir-fry.

6, put the fried cabbage in a plate, add coriander leaves to garnish, you can serve.

Ingredients: cabbage, garlic cloves, dried red pepper shreds, starch water, peppercorns, auxiliary materials: refined salt, sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, lard, sesame oil1.

Rinse the whole cabbage with fresh water. After removing the cabbage roots, tear the leaves into pieces about 1/3 palm size. Put the leaves in the pot, wash them with running water, and soak them slightly.Peel and slice garlic cloves, peppercorns are soaked in warm water and then water-controlled for use; 2.

Heat the wok to remove the lard and slowly melt the lard.


3. When the oil temperature rises to 30% or 40%, add peppercorns to the pan, add the garlic slices to the pan, and sprinkle the dried red pepper into the pan.

Pour dry cabbage leaves into the pan and stir fry.

Pour a circle of rice vinegar along the side of the pot, quickly stir well, add 1 tablespoon of umami soy sauce, 1/4 teaspoon of sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of refined salt, and stir well in the pot;Add another tablespoon of rice vinegar to the side of the pot, and drizzle a little sesame oil to the pan and serve.


[What food is the loofah with?]_ Efficacy _ taboo

[What food is the loofah with?]_ Efficacy _ taboo

In the summer, people with vegetable fields in their homes know that there will be endless loofah, and they will be placed in Dao loofah soup almost every meal, not because the loofah is mature in the summer, but also because the loofah is rich in nutrients and can clear and decompose.

Summer heat, dampness and fire, beauty.

So many people like to eat loofah in summer.

However, foods are related to each other, and food is considered to be counter-productive, and there must be foods that cannot be eaten with loofah, so the following will introduce what foods cannot be eaten with loofah.

Loofah contains protein, trace amounts, calcium carbonate, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, vitamin C, as well as saponins, plant mucus, xylose, loofah bitterness, citrulline, and so on.

Contains 1 protein per 100 grams.


5 grams, aunt 0.

1 g, carbonic acid 4.


5 grams, crude fiber 0.


5 grams, 0 ash.

5 grams, calcium 18-28 mg, phosphorus 39-45 mg, riboflavin 0.


06 mg, niacin 0.


5 mg.

Ascorbic acid 5-8 mg.

Loofah cannot be eaten with anything. Loofah contains ingredients such as B vitamins to prevent skin aging and vitamin C that whitens the skin. It can protect the skin, eliminate plaque, and make the skin white and tender. It is a rare beauty product. Therefore, loofahJuice “Beauty Water”.

Loofah is good, but you ca n’t eat too much.

But let’s talk about the effect of loofah.

1. Ascorbic disease: The high content of vitamin C in loofah can be used for ascorbic disease and to prevent various vitamin C deficiency.

2, brain health and beauty: due to the high content of vitamin B in loofah, is conducive to children’s brain development and middle-aged and elderly brain health; the juice of loofah cane has a special function to maintain skin elasticity, can be beauty wrinkle.

3. Anti-virus and anti-allergy: Luffa extract has obvious preventive effect on Japanese encephalitis virus. An anti-allergic substance, arginine alkyd, is also extracted from luffa tissue culture fluid, which has strong resistanceAllergic effect.

Although there are so many injuries to the loofah, it is still necessary to talk about the food and the contraindications to eating the loofah.

Luffa can’t be eaten with what, anyone can’t eat it: 1. Luffa can’t be eaten with white radish: it will hurt your vitality.

2. Because of the coldness of the loofah, therefore, the physically weak and cold inside, people with diarrhea should not eat more of the loofah.

3, those who have irregular menstruation, tired body, phlegm, cough, and postpartum women with milk problems are suitable to eat loofah.

4, physically weak and cold, diarrhea should not eat more.

What food of the loofah is more nutritious and delicious: 1, loofah and eggs: it has the effect of nourishing the lungs, kidneys and skin (small smoke does not leave your hand, it seems that eating more loofah scrambled eggs is still good) 2. loofahSkin shrimp: Same effect as scrambled eggs of loofah. For inland cities, if you want to eat skin shrimp, look at your wallet, and you hate skin shrimp.

3, loofah and edamame: has the effect of clearing heat and expectorant, preventing constipation bad breath, people with colds are more suitable to eat loofah 4, loofah and shrimp: nourishing the lungs, kidneys and skin.

It can be seen from the above analysis that basically most people can eat loofah, and there are very few foods that are equal to loofah, only white radish.

The main use of loofah is to moisturize the lungs, nourish the kidney and skin, and friends who love beauty must not miss this season and start eating loofah mode, but don’t eat and vomit like Xiaobian.

[Baking method of bread]_ making method _ how to make

[Baking method of bread]_ making method _ how to make

Many people in life prefer toasted bread, because the taste of toasted bread tastes better, and the toasted bread at home is more healthy, suitable for adults and children to eat some toasted bread at breakfast.It is very convenient, but it is troublesome when making toast. Many people do n’t know how to make it. So what is the method of baking bread?

The first must-know step: noodles, mixing noodles, baking bread The first step is to make noodles, and noodles, mixing noodles can be said to be the most important step in baking bread.

To make bread, we must first choose high-gluten flour, because the protein contained in Gao Jin is relatively high. Making bread and noodles is generally not manual. If you have a bread machine or a cook machine at home, it is best becauseBaking tools can be constantly stirred.

During the mixing process of the bread machine or the kitchen machine, the high-gluten flour will be constantly strengthened, and the dough can be a thin film, and we can pull out the transparent film with our hands and try it with our fingers.For a moment, it can be difficult to break. At this time, the dough we mixed with the noodles has reached the stage that we require better. Then the first step of baking the bread is completed, and the flour strength has reached the strongest.On request, the bread we baked is flexible enough.

The second must-know step: dough fermentation Dough can be divided into one fermentation and two fermentations.

Let’s talk about the first fermentation. Usually, bread machines are used to set the time for fermentation at home. The requirement is that the indoor temperature and temperature increase. If the field is better, the air temperature is sufficient in summer, and it can be completely reached 25 degrees.Using natural fermentation, the room temperature must be below 20 degrees to ferment in a bread machine.

It takes about an hour to ferment in the bread maker. The dough has a taste in the first fermentation, and the baked bread is more fragrant.

After the first fermentation, the 520 baking hut said to wake up the noodles, first remove the air in the flour, so that the gluten of the divided dough can be relaxed, because it is easier to shape in the process of making bread, soYou must come to a very simple proofing process. After the first fermentation, the dough generally rises to the left and right than the original interview. As long as you dipped a flour in your finger to poke a deep hole, the hole does not collapse and does not return.Shrinking, that is, once the whole process of waking up is completed, we need to perform a second fermentation. The second fermentation requires a higher temperature than the first fermentation, which is usually about 20-30 seconds.If the temperature is too low, the dough will harden and affect the baking rate. If the temperature is too high, the dough will soften and collapse above the surface, although the time will restart.

Therefore, the second hair must not only have a temperature of 20 to 35, but also 85% humidity to accompany the dough skin without losing water. Therefore, we usually rely on the oven to complete the second hair. The time for the second hair to enter the oven is under the baking tray.It is necessary to add a bowl of hot water at about 40 degrees, especially in the freezing season. If the hot water is lost, it must be replaced and replaced, resulting in the final fermentation to reach the most complete result. The time is about 40 minutes to 50 minutes.

The second must-know step: the most important and most stressful step in baking in the oven. Generally everyone who cooks knows that in order to make the bread look shiny and appetizing, it is common to apply a layer of egg liquid on the appearance of the bread. The other isThe necessary mastery of the toast, and the three steps of the toast, are the “low, then high, then low” difference, so you can bake good bread, but you have to look at the environment carefully.

Regarding the three stages of fire, the first stage is usually lower (about 120 ° C), and the bottom fire is higher (does not exceed 250?
260 ℃), which can prevent the appearance of the bread from quickly setting, and can make the bread swell moderately.
In the second stage, the surface fire must be high, the surface fire can reach 270 ℃, and the surface fire does not exceed 270?
Set the bread at 300 ° C.

The third stage gradually reduced the surface fire to 180?
200 ° C, the bottom fire drops to 140?
160 ° C, avoiding the appearance of scorching of bread, it looks good with light, and improves the flavor better.