[Encyclopedia of Charcoal Grilled Prawns]_ Charcoal Grilled _ How to Make

[Encyclopedia of Charcoal Grilled Prawns]_ Charcoal Grilled _ How to Make

Shrimp should be a kind of food that more people like to eat, not only because the shrimp itself is delicious, but also because the shrimp itself contains very rich nutritional value. Eating more shrimp is good for the human body, butPeople with allergies to seafood are inconvenient to eat shrimp.

In the process of shrimp production, people can choose a variety of production methods, charcoal grilled shrimp can maintain the original flavor of the shrimp, so charcoal grilled shrimp has a certain method of production?

The temperature and time of the oven-baked shrimps are slightly pickled, 200 degrees, ten minutes.

After the oven stops, there is still room temperature, and you can leave it for another five minutes.

Remember to put the almonds on the back of the shrimp before the oven needs 180 minutes to warm up for 5 minutes.

Grilled shrimp is a delicious dish made from sea shrimp, raw soy sauce, and chili noodles.

Cooking is simple, nutritious, and rich in vitamins and proteins.

The method of roasting shrimps in the oven Operation process: 1. Wash the shrimps clean, plan out the shrimps on the back of the shrimps, and spread them on the baking sheet (remember to place the baking sheet with tin foil).

2. Brush each of the above sauces on each back-opened shrimp once to start baking.

3. Put the baking tray filled with shrimps into the oven. The oven temperature is 250 ° C and bake for 20 minutes. You can start eating. Note 1. If you want to eat a softer shrimp, the baking time is only a few minutes. 2To eat the prawns, you must remember to take out the prawn line. Charcoal grilled prawns and prawns. 1. Prepare the prawns in large portions.

2. String each shrimp with a sign.

3. Prepare the right amount of barbecue sauce.

4, put the skewered shrimp on the carbon, first roast one side, brush oil while grilling, sprinkle salt, brush sauce, wait until one side is golden, turn over, and then grill the other side, the same, while baking and brushing oilSprinkle with salt.

5. Like this, bake both sides and you can serve them on a plate.

[How to make a mask with loofah]_Loofah_How to make a mask_How to make a mask

[How to make a mask with loofah]_Loofah_How to make a mask_How to make a mask

Luffa has good beauty and beauty effects, so if it can be used correctly in life, then it is also good for skin maintenance. You can add a luffa egg mask or a luffa honey mask, which can better help us to remove spotsWhitening.


Loofah egg mask takes half of the loofah and one egg.

Loofah is washed, peeled and seeded, and mashed.

Take the egg yolks and stir well.

Use a makeup brush to evenly absorb the mask on the face, avoiding the eyes and lips, and wash with warm water after 15 minutes.


The loofah honey mask cleans the loofah, cuts off the skin, cuts it into pieces, squeezes the juice, mixes with honey and mixes well.

Leave it on for 15-20 minutes before going to bed or when needed, and wash it off with warm water after applying until it is slightly dry.


Loofah milk mask Wash the loofah, cut into pieces, and squeeze the original juice with a juicer.

Mix the loofah juice with ice milk, honey, and paste into a paste.

Apply a loofah mask to the skin such as the bladder and neck.

After 20 minutes, wash with water.


Loofah Water Mask is a kind of mask paper purchased in supermarkets, which is better in quality and better in absorbing moisture.

Put the fresh loofah into the juicer, immerse the mask paper in the loofah juice, and add a small amount of water if there is less water, but the loofah itself is sufficient.

After soaking, apply to clean face for 10-15 minutes, then wash.

[What are the side effects of Dangshen]_Recommended diet

[What are the side effects of Dangshen]_Recommended diet

Codonopsis sibiricum is a kind of medicine that has both the effect of treating diseases and health care, especially it has a good effect of invigorating the qi. It also has a better effect on regulating the stomach and intestines. It is usually effective to eat some Codonopsis in improving immunityIt is also good, so is there a substitute for Codonopsis?

Let’s take a look at this.

Through medical investigation and research, it was found that the toxic and side effects of Codonopsis sibiricum were very low. It was found through experiments on white rats that no adverse effects were found after 15 days of continuous injections. For humans, adverse reactions generally do not occur clinically.Of course, unless the dosage is particularly large, it may cause arrhythmia, and it can usually recover by itself after stopping the medicine.

In general, Codonopsis has no side effects, so you can safely take Codonopsis. Codonopsis has good qi-enhancing effects. It is also often used in combination with Huang Fu, which has the effect of enhancing qi-enrichment.The effect is also quite good, and it can correct the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders caused by diseases.

It is especially effective in the treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers. It has the effect of enhancing the phagocytosis of macrophages in the abdominal cavity, and it also has a certain effect of replenishing blood. Eating properly can enhance the body’s hematopoietic function, and in anti-shockThe effect of promoting myocardial contractility is very excellent.

Have a brief look at the temporary availability of Codonopsis?

The abnormality of Codonopsis is very small. In normal life, there are Codonopsis to treat diseases, and you can properly eat Codonopsis to condition the body. It has a good effect of replenishing and replenishing qi, and has a better effect on conditioning the stomach.It is very effective in treating heart disease and enhancing myocardial ability.

[Can coffee be drunk overnight]_ Not fresh_ Impact

[Can coffee be drunk overnight]_ Not fresh_ Impact

Many foods cannot be eaten overnight, because bacteria can grow in many foods after being left overnight, and eating them has a carcinogenic effect on the human body.

Many people like to drink coffee because of the aroma of coffee and because of its strong refreshing power.

However, some people ca n’t finish coffee at night and often drink it the next day. Is it OK to drink the coffee overnight?

Overnight coffee is best not to drink. Whether the overnight coffee can be drunk, in fact, whether it is overnight boiling water or the overnight coffee is left for too long, it will cause the water quality to deteriorate. We all know that if the boiling water has been boiled repeatedly, thenAmong them, minerals or certain contents will deteriorate, resulting in a relatively high content of nitrous acid in water, and coffee can also be used, so it is not recommended that you repeatedly use heated coffee, and it is not recommended to drink overnight coffee.

And the aroma components of coffee are complex, containing hundreds of different flavoring substances. These substances will be released after heating, and will be damaged when exposed to light and oxygen. Therefore, the coffee is left for too long and the aroma is not as good as when it is fresh.If it is so strong, the effect of coffee will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the gradual coffee is not only nutritious, but the effect is not as good as before.

The specific reason why you ca n’t drink overnight coffee is that milk is easy to spoil. Sometimes you need to add milk when brewing coffee, and the milk protein itself is relatively easy to spoil, even one of the spoiled foods.In the future, gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea will easily occur.

Sugar is a favorite of bacteria. Coffee also contains a large amount of sugar, and sugar is one of the nutrients that bacteria particularly like. If sugared coffee is left for too long, thousands of bacteria will breed, even sealed.Good coffee, don’t add it again the next day.

It can be seen that being greedy for a small price but losing health is not worth the loss. Therefore, drinking coffee is better than freshly brewed coffee, so the taste is good, the effect is good, and it is relatively healthy, and it will not cause too much to the human body.Great damage.

But here we need to remind everyone that although coffee has a refreshing effect, it is not easy to drink more. If you drink coffee for a long time, it is also bad for our spleen and stomach.

[What is the spiced sausage recipe]_how to do_how to do

[What is the spiced sausage recipe]_how to do_how to do

Everyone has eaten spiced sausages. Have you ever thought about how to make your own while eating these foods?

In fact, many delicious foods, as long as we can understand them carefully, know the required recipes and the cooking process, then we can also become a gourmet expert, so do not hinder to understand the method of making spiced sausages introduced below.

First, method 1, 5 pounds of fresh chilled pork, choose the proportion of fat and lean according to your preference (recommended the best 2 points fat 8 points thin), cut into small strips and set aside.

2. Soak the casing in cool water for about 5 minutes (do not use hot water), take it out, rinse it 2-3 times, and then reserve it.

3. Take 5 pounds of raw meat as standard, add a bag of prepared sausage ingredients, 250 grams of soy sauce, 50 grams of salt, sugar, and southern wine, mix well, cover with plastic wrap, and marinate for 1-2 hours.Better every time.

4. Fill the marinated raw meat into the casing with a funnel, or buy a small machine like mine, the enema speed will be much faster.

Use cotton thread every few turns.

For the prepared sausage, use a toothpick on the surface to puncture a few holes to exclude air in the casing and prevent the sausage from expanding and cracking during the steaming process.

Second, dry the intestines, and hang them in a sunny place for 1-2 weeks, subject to no deformation of the hands.

Then put it in the refrigerator freezer for a long time, and steam as you eat.

Third, steamed Jinan people generally eat steamed.

Steam the dried sausages on the cold water for about 40 minutes.

You can also cook it by putting the dried sausages in the pan and adding a sauce of soy sauce, adding cold water over 2 cm of the sausage, covering the lid and starting to cook, and then cooking for 15-20 minutes after the pan is opened.

Remove the cold and cut into thin slices with an oblique knife and insert it into the dish.

[Simple homemade fruit popsicles]_ making method _ home practice

[Simple homemade fruit popsicles]_ making method _ home practice

Summer is here, and popsicles are starting to show up in the public eye again. Did you pay a dime for popsicles when you were young?

For decades, the public’s love for popsicles has never diminished, and the types of popsicles on the market are endless.

What worries everyone is that it is hard to find a conscience popsicle with pure ingredients and no pigments.

In fact, the method of popsicles is very simple. You can easily DIY your favorite fruit popsicles at home.

1. Add mango meat, organic whole fat plain yogurt and organic agave syrup to the mango yogurt popsicle blender and stir until smooth.

Put a piece of mango in a paper cup, pour in mango yogurt, cover with tin foil, insert an ice cream stick, and freeze in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

Rip the paper cup slowly.

2. Watermelon popsicles Watermelon is one of the most common foods to relieve heat in the summer. Many people like to eat a few pieces of watermelon in the summer, especially those watermelons that have been frozen in ice.

In fact, there is a more enjoyable way to eat watermelon, which is to make watermelon popsicles.

The method is very simple. After cutting the watermelon and peeling it, squeeze the red heart of the watermelon, then pour the watermelon juice into a mold and freeze it in the refrigerator.

3, milk coffee popsicle This is also a relatively unique taste of popsicles, the production method is also very simple.

Follow the normal steps to make a cup of coffee or instant coffee, then add sugar according to your taste, add milk, stir well, then pour it into a popsicle mold and freeze in the refrigerator.

If you want a two-color popsicle with a special appearance, you can freeze half of the coffee in the mold and add milk.

4, banana apple strawberry popsicles take 1 banana, 1 apple, a few strawberries, add some water, or milk, ice cubes, or orange juice, etc., use a juicer to make juice, and then pour into the readyIn a small plastic cup, insert a small wooden stick and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator. After a few hours, you can accept it.

This is a 100% pure fruit popsicle. It is completely colorless.

[Can a baby drink water from a water purifier]_Baby_Impact

[Can a baby drink water from a water purifier]_Baby_Impact

It is very important for babies to replenish water in a timely manner because the child’s metabolism is relatively fast. The child must drink milk in time and also drink some boiled water in time to ensure the healthy development and growth of the child. In generalFor children to drink boiled water, it is best to boil tap water, because as long as the tap water is boiled, the problem of germs and parasites will not exist.

Can babies drink water from the water purifier? It is best to drink boiled tap water. Children’s drinking water is no different from adults.

Newborns are also humans. The first requirement for humidity is hygiene. There are no harmful bacteria, parasites, and no harmful substances such as nitrite, so that they meet the standards.

Therefore, boiled tap water is the safest, usually for infants and young children or milk powder, use boiling water.

Tap water undergoes a bactericidal effect after undergoing this transformation.

After the water is boiled, the heavy metals inside will be deposited into scales and will not be drunk by infants.

Many parents buy a variety of novel and expensive sweet juices, sodas or other drinks instead of boiling water to hydrate their children. They think this is more nutritious, but it is actually harmful to the child’s body.

Because the beverage contains a large amount of sugar and doped electrolytes, after drinking, it does not leave the stomach as quickly as drinking plain water, but it will delay the stay and cause adverse irritation to the stomach.

It is best not to give your baby 4 kinds of water1. Uncooked water often blocks the water that is not boiled, which may cause the baby to develop disease in adulthood.

2, boiled water for many times Now the water heater has a kind of heat preservation after boiling, who will start to boil when it is cold, or boiled for a long time, so the water is too long because of the boiling waterSome non-volatile substances will be high in content, long-term metabolism of the baby, gastrointestinal effects caused by complications, diarrhea, bloating and other symptoms. Toxic nitrite will cause the body to lack of oxygen and will cause danger to life.

3. Steaming steamed buns or other food when the level of steamed food is actually water that is repeatedly cooked. The concentration of nitrite will be very high. Drinking it for a long time or cooking porridge for your child will cause a poisoning reaction.As water enters the body, it will affect your baby’s digestive nerves, urinary and hematopoietic systems for a long time.

4. The water that has been left for too long is dead water, and often alternating this kind of water to the baby will also have a bad effect on the baby, which will slow down the cell metabolism and affect the body development.

The above water is not recommended for babies to drink, because all aspects of the baby’s body have not yet developed and are extremely vulnerable, and adults are not recommended to have the above types of water for a long time.

Can babies drink water from the water purifier?

Due to severe environmental pollution, water can no longer be directly entered, and the problem of drinking water for babies has become another big problem for parents.

The above editor introduced some water that is not suitable for babies to put in. In fact, adults and babies have the same body water. The boiled tap water is better than the drinks on the market.

[Can you eat pollen during lactation]_Postpartum_Can you eat it?

[Can you eat pollen during lactation]_Postpartum_Can you eat it?

During breastfeeding, women’s body quality needs to be further improved. Because breastfeeding is needed at this time, dietary care should be strengthened. Generally, if the mother and child are not allergic to pollen, in this caseIt is possible to eat some pollen, which also has a good effect on promoting breast milk replacement, but if it is allergic, it must not be eaten.

Can pollen be eaten during lactation? Different pollen have different nutritional and health benefits, so we need to comprehensively treat and solve this problem. For example, for pregnant women and lactating women, pine pollen can effectively help us.Supplement calcium to achieve nutritional balance.

Pregnancy and lactation are special physiological stages, and nutritional requirements are relatively large.

The nutritional intake during pregnancy must at least maintain the pregnant women’s own nutritional needs, but also provide more growth and development needs. Balanced nutritional supplementation for lactating women also plays an important role in the healthy growth of babies.

Pine pollen and calcium calcium milk are rich in nutrition and well-balanced, which is very suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

Precautions However, because very few people may be allergic to pine pollen due to their personal physical quality, in the spirit of being responsible for pregnant women, if they have not consumed pine products before pregnancy, it is not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding women;Before using the pine series products before pregnancy, there is no allergic reaction, you can continue to consume during pregnancy or lactation, which helps to conceive a healthy and smart baby.

The above is an introduction about whether you can drink pollen during lactation. From these introductions, we will find whether breastfeeding women and pollen are a question worth studying, because the nutritional and health care value of different pollen is different, but each person’s constitutionIt’s different, so if you are allergic, you should not drink pollen.

[Can black chicken soup put carrots]_Black chicken soup_Can you put it?

[Can black chicken soup put carrots]_Black chicken soup_Can you put it?

Black chicken may not have tasted the taste of black chicken, but black chicken soup is still tasted by many friends.

Black chicken is generally used for soup, because the meat of black chicken is more coarse than normal chicken, so many friends will use black chicken for soup.

Using black chicken with carrots can cook a good pot of soup correctly.

Black chicken soup can be put together with carrots. Take “corn and carrot chicken soup” as an example.

The method is as follows: Ingredients: 300g corn, 100g carrots, 1 chicken: 1.

Wash the corn and carrot separately for later use.


Cut into small pieces of approximate thickness.


Boil water in a pan, add chicken and bring to a boil. Turn over 4 sides and cook for 20 minutes.


Place the chicken in a plate and cut into pieces when you are not hot.


Add the right amount of water to the chicken broth.


Add corn and radish.


Add in the right amount of salt.


Cover the pot with a large fire until it makes a loud noise, then turn it to a low heat for 30 minutes to turn off the fire.

Stewed chicken soup with carrots and fragrant rue, made of fresh chicken and half, carrots, fragrant rue three or two, salt, and ginger slices 1.

Wash the carrots, peel and cut the hob block, and wash the feet with Xiangru 2.

Chicken nuggets remove blood water, raise into a sand bowl and add water 0.

5 liters, pour the carrots and fragrant carrots into the sand bowl, two drops of vinegar 3.

After boiling, turn to low heat and simmer for an hour (the carrots can be rotten), add ginger slices, add some salt, day lily and Cordyceps flower stew chicken soup-health soup material Ingredients: chicken day lily Ingredients: Cordyceps flower bolete red datesSeasoning: ginger, spring onion, salt method 1.

Soak the boletus in clean water for at least one hour, then rinse it off.

Wash a little more, and the dried boletus may have sand.


The stalk of boletus can be cut off at the end, the part is hard and the taste is not good.

The other parts of the stalk are still delicious after being stewed for a long time, so there is no need to remove them.


Cordyceps flowers, daylily and red dates are washed separately without soaking.


Dispose of clean chicken, put it in a pot, pour water without chicken, and add ginger and spring onion.


Remove the foam after the fire has boiled.


Put in other ingredients and boil again, and simmer for 2 hours on low heat.

Add a bit of salt before serving.

[6 postures for your sex and fitness]

[6 postures for your sex and fitness]

When it comes to fitness, many people think of gym first.

Few people know that the passionate sexuality promotes the burning of excess, which is similar to the exercise and fitness.

The latest articles published by the public health network published six sex positions that help weight loss, helping couples to lose weight and enjoy fitness while enjoying sex.


More than 90% of male couples choose this sex position.

This position involves physical contraction, arching and tight movements, which can exercise the pectoral muscles, deltoid muscles, biceps and triceps well.

The woman can also stretch the buttocks muscles when she lays flat, arches up, tightens the abdominal muscles, lifts her body or even kisses her lover’s lips or neck during sex.

Keeping this position for half a minute can strengthen the waist and abdomen.

New Delhi sex expert Dr. Hive Gage said that when the man was in power, the man’s arms and shoulders were under pressure, and the elbows and knees were twisted to maintain balance, so the muscles were stretched.