[Effect of taking emergency contraceptives]_ emergency contraceptives _ how to eat _ how to eat _ precautions

[Effect of taking emergency contraceptives]_ emergency contraceptives _ how to eat _ how to eat _ precautions

Without any protective measures, women may become pregnant after sharing the same room, so if you do not want a child, you must pay attention to taking measures in a timely manner to take consensus. Among the many contraceptive measures, the most common is to take emergency evidenceMedicine for contraception, but some people may still get pregnant after taking the emergency contraceptive, which is caused by taking the medicine inappropriately.

So, how do you eat better synergistic contraceptive effect?

Emergency contraceptives refer to contraceptive methods used to prevent pregnancy in the life of unprotected sex or after the failure of contraception. Medical contraception is the most commonly used method.

Women taking emergency contraceptives are effective within 72 hours of intercourse. If they have sex during the medication, the time must be recalculated.

After excluding pregnancy, healthy women of childbearing age should be applied within 72-120 hours after sex. The sooner the effect is better, the failure rate will increase after 72 hours.

A class of drugs commonly used in emergency contraceptives is unilateral progestin, which is made up of levonorgestrel, which replaces over-the-counter drugs.

Kinds of medicines are represented by Xinsinuo dripping pills and Yuting.

Neosnow drip pills contain levonorgestrel 0 per tablet.

75 mg, within 72 hours of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure, take 2 capsules orally once; or take 1 capsule for the first time, taking the second capsule every 12 hours.

The sooner you take the medicine, the better the effect of preventing pregnancy.

No fasting before and after taking.

Another type of emergency contraceptives is antiprogestin, the most commonly used is post-dinoxide. The conversion is also Smian tablets, Biyun capsules, Huadian tablets, etc., the active ingredient mifepristone, alternative prescription drugs.

There are also 25 mm specifications.

This medicine only needs to take one tablet, fasting for 2 hours before and after taking the medicine, the chance of pregnancy can be reduced to 1 after taking the medicine.

4%, few side effects, and large random.

One has menstrual changes.

If vomiting occurs within two hours after taking the medicine, if the medicine is vomited, the same dose of medicine should be replenished once.

Of course, taking an emergency contraceptive contraceptive after the same room is only a last resort, because drugs are always used for contraception, and it is recognized that women’s bodies cause great harm, and serious women may also cause infertility.

The best contraception is to put a condom on a man or put a contraceptive ring in a woman’s womb. It is safer and there is no substitute.