[Transient of a twist]_Energy_Nutrition Value

[Transient of a twist]_Energy_Nutrition Value

Twist is a traditional snack. The shape of Twist looks particularly like a weak boy, but it tastes more crispy and is very popular with everyone. Everyone knows that Twist is fried, and I am worried that the amount of Twist is very large.I am afraid that eating too much twist will cause you to gain weight. In fact, generally, the conversion of one twist is about 21 punches. If you need to consume it, you usually need to take a walk for nearly 15 minutes to consume it.

Twist can lose weight Twist can not lose weight Twist is a characteristic health food in China. At present, the main production areas are in Chongyang County and Tianjin, Hubei Province. Chongyang, Hubei is famous for small twists, and Tianjin is famous for producing cannabis flowers.

Twist twist two or three strands of noodles together and fry them.

Twist golden eye-catching, sweet and crisp, sweet but not greasy, fresh taste, fragrant teeth; delicious and not greasy, eat more and not get angry: protein, amino acids, multivitamins and trace elements.

The small twist flowers are moderate and low in concentration, which can not only taste casually, but also can be accompanied by wine and tea. It is an ideal snack food.

Twist practice material 200g of ordinary flour.

1 egg.

Baking soda powder

5 grams.

20 grams of sugar.

2 grams of salt.

50 grams of water Method 1, add all the ingredients to the bowl and knead evenly to form a smooth dough, cover with a bowl and relax for 30 minutes.

2. Roll into noodles and cut into thin noodles, knead the noodles.

Rub it in the opposite direction.

Fold it in half with your fingers and wrap it tightly around the noodles.

The flowers are folded in half to form four twists. The head is stuffed into the loop and squeezed tightly, and the twists are ready.

3. Put one of the 70% hot oil into the pan.

Immediately the color rises to yellow, at this time you can add in large quantities to fry until golden and remove.

Twist is a specialty fried pasta snack in China.

The origin is unknown.

It is mainly produced in Xianyang, Shaanxi, Sheshan, Shanxi, Chongyang, Hubei, Tianjin, and Hunan.

Among them, Laoshan in Shanxi is famous for salty sesame butter, Chongyang in Hubei is famous for small twist and Tianjin is famous for hemp flower.

In addition, there are twists in Tianjin Eighteenth Street, twists in Ruyang County, Henan, twists in powder in Jiangsu Province, twists in Ningping in Henan, and twists in Zhao’s in Xinhua, Hunan.

It is made by frying two or three strands of noodles together.

Twist edible processing method 1, put the flour in a pot, pour 400g of oil, put 40g of oil, 5g of salt, rub the flour and oil by hand (more oil is difficult to operate later), knead and add water to knead the dough(The dough must not be too hard.) Cover with a damp cloth for 20 minutes.

2. Take out the dough and knead it again, knead it into long strips and cut out small ingredients, cover with a damp cloth and simmer for another 10 minutes.

3, after rubbing, rub evenly into the upper and lower bars, rub the two ends in different directions, and squeeze the two ends together.

4. Repeat again, artificial hemp peanut blank.

5, in order to make all the small agents in turn, into hemp peanut blank.

6, put a lot of oil in the pot and burn to 20% of the heat, and then put in the hemp peanut blank (20% of the hot oil temperature does not change much, put the top of the pan slightly feels a little hot).