[How to treat psychological impotence]

[How to treat psychological impotence]

Impotence is often mentioned in our lives, mainly because in reality, more and more people cause symptoms of impotence.

There are many reasons for Yang Weidong’s forehead, and there are several types of impotence, and psychological impotence is one of the more common.

So, for psychological impotence patients, what methods should be adopted for treatment?

This question is very important for many male friends.

Psychological impotence is a type of impotence. When it comes to psychological impotence, as the name implies, it refers to impotence caused by psychological reasons.

Such psychological impotence patients are still common in everyone’s real life.

Although there are many ways to treat impotence, psychological impotence is different from general impotence, so the treatment of psychological impotence is also different.

Then, let’s talk about the treatment of psychological impotence.

Psychological impotence is caused by psychological factors, accounting for more than half of impotence.

Aiming at the problem of how to treat psychological impotence, in fact, it is possible to eliminate some bad mental factors, actively correct mental treatment, and strengthen the education of sexual knowledge, strengthen physical exercise and improve the level of physical health, and impotence will heal itself.

Psychotherapy is also called psychological curative effect. Generally speaking, doctors and patients talk to each other so that patients can correctly understand their own diseases and build confidence to overcome them.

Attention should be paid to these points during treatment: First, the patient’s sexual anxiety should be relieved, because most impotence patients have a fear of sexual intercourse.

Because of impotence, they are anxious to improve the ability of sexual cross-linking, resulting in sexual concerns.

Relieving sexual anxiety is best explained to both men and women: when sexual problems occur, men and women do not blame each other, and when there is sexual difficulty, the spouse also has a certain relationship.

Although there are many causes of impotence, it does not affect the treatment. Sexual behavior is a behavior involving both men and women. Sexual activity refers to a single sexual intercourse. If sexual intercourse is not satisfied again, if the emotional exchange is strengthened, other relationships can also benefit.

Without verification and language explanation at all, to clarify the sexual anxiety faced by male impotence to women, through the emotional exchange between the two parties, it is possible to overcome male sexual fear, which is conducive to reducing sexual stress.

During this time, sexual activity should be suppressed, and men’s sexual anxiety should be gradually relieved.

You can explain the sexy concentration method to both spouses. During sexual activity, focus on the physical sense without sexual intercourse. When touching the genitals or breasts, don’t consider too much other things outside the body, not too much personality.Don’t think too much about the purpose of sexual behavior, and focus completely on your physical sensations, and this method must be repeated many times until the psychological impotence is cured.

Therefore, after careful reading of the above article, I believe that everyone should now have a certain understanding of psychological impotence.

And usually at the same time, everyone also knows about the treatment of psychological impotence.

In fact, for patients with psychological impotence, the most important thing is to open the knot, and other aspects are similar to ordinary people.